Important decisions going to be made if the new era starts at all

There is a lot going on when you are a part of it all and present at the scene. But for the world around UK things are static. Every country is seeing its trade with the UK in a different perspective waiting for the right moment to hit the nail.

For now, the future remains uncertain as the eyes are pointing towards the exit which is going to take place any time sooner. But this does not mean that trade between cargo to India and UK has stopped. Things are going the way they are and even progressing. But what will be difficult for India is the final decision of an agreement which is for India fruitful for the UK side trade and EU side trade.

Which is a difficult task? Of course, as it is meant to balance between a whole bloc and a single country. Both sides have benefits for the position of Indian trade but how will the country manages things if for example a no deal Brexit happens will be an interesting affair to watch.

The interesting inclinations but no result for now

It is a common sense that advantages over trading with one country are certainly low as compared to many under a single rule of law. But the UK is not a waste of time for India; there are many areas where the UK is involved in developing the country and there are a numerous number of residents from India involved in the economic sector.

While companies are working in the UK from India and even there are sectors incomplete without Indian citizen involvement. But on the other hand, if India can reach a free trade agreement with EU then this also takes the country to new trade grounds. For now, India is looking forward to a settlement with both the sides individually, but with a hard exit, it will become out of question.

Theresa May still struggling to get to a point of agreement

The temporary set up for the historic moment to happen with EU is getting many negative points, and things are not returning to normal conditions. But it is the government and government alone which can make a difference over here.

As being a Prime Minister there has to be some strong proposition to convince the fellow members of the parliament. Things are to be handled carefully and if they are done as they should be then India might secure a really good position in trade then it has now.

A negative but bitter reality if any uncertainty occurs

This is not a perfect world and we do not live in ideal situations. One viewpoint is that the divorce deal currently agreed upon with EU might be a trap and it might not give way or further talks or a permanent agreement.

After all, UK is an attractive business destination and losing it will be equally disturbing for the EU countries. If seen in this manner another aspect unfolds. But even this view remains uncertain and spectators have to wait for the time to come.

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