Way ahead to uplift the threats posed to cargo sector

It is worthy of your attention that now the world has become a global village wherein all happenings are conveyed to you instantly wherever you are. There is an uncontrolled exchange of love and precious gifts in the form of cargo. The United Kingdom having the old history of Indian migrants. These Indians are working in various sectors like business, service, or tourists.

Undoubtedly, the UK is home of modern and latest things like electronics, mobile phones, gadgets, machinery, automobiles and many other such stuff. All this direly necessitated the evolution of a well-established cargo industry in the UK as well as in India. Resultantly a lot of cargo companies on either side are working to facilitate the customers who want to Send Cargo from the UK to India.

The working scenario of cargo

It deserves a mention to highlight that every product being sent or parcel to India from the UK needs its treatment. In addition to it, initial packing should be done by the customers at their own and proper packing like hardboard packing by the cargo company will be done by Cargo Company.

On the whole five cargo types are in vogue i.e. liquid bulk, container Cargo, dry bulk, ro-ro and break-bulk. Liquid bulk includes fuel oil, vegetable oil, petrol and crude oils, transported on huge containers or pipelines.

Container cargo includes clothing, meat, computers, televisions, DVDs, toys, electronics and cell phones. These are sent through standard size containers that can be fitted on seagoing vessels, trains, wagons, buses. Whereas dry bulk includes coal, iron ore, cement, sugar, sand, salt, and grains.

And break-bulk include wood, steel, cocoa bags and paper. Last but not least, roll on/roll off or simply Ro-ro that concerns with the cargo that can be driven like trucks, busses, cars, agricultural vehicles, cranes.

 How cargo service to India, can be boosted?

A big plethora of Indians are settled in the UK. So it is quite obvious that a great flow of cargo occurs between two friendly countries. The UK is an economically strong country, has special cargo planes that are fixed for carrying cargo to various countries. India Airlines is the biggest airline in the country.

So it can boost the economy of its county by specifying some of its planes for cargo service only. So cargo fleet allocated in this way will add a great to the economy of India. Likewise, Sea Cargo is also an import route for sending cargo to India from the UK.

A major part of this landscape of planet earth is covered by oceans, sea cargo is the most suitable and cheapest source of cargo between the two countries. In addition to it, sea cargo also plays a critical role in world trade.

Aftereffects of COVID-19 on cargo sector

There is no denying that COVID-19 has stirred the whole world. Still, major parts of the world are suffering from the threats of this pandemic. The huge loss occurred to human life, cannot be ignored but the world economy is still shivering and failed to restore yet.

The biggest impact of COVID-19 can be visualized from the decreased cargo deliveries from the UK to India. The same situation prevails in other routes also with the same strength.

There is no shadow of a doubt that you have to follow the social distance framework in all spheres of life to keep yourself away from this threatening virus. In a bid to have this, in all countries, special care is being taken and all the businesses and official places are bound to adhere to social distance like wearing a mask and remaining at distance from each other.

After Brexit, like other business, cargo sector is suffering from a lot of hurdles. It is worthy to understand that after separating from the European Union, the UK is struggling hard to explore new ventures with other countries. Naturally, it will take some time to settle down the dust. This uncertainty of post-Brexit was underway when the havoc of COVID-19 appeared like bolt from the blue.

There is no doubt that proper planning is rich stitch in time, so Governments of the UK and India should accelerate their efforts to lessen the worries of the cargo sector. It cannot be overlooked for long because people associated with cargo sector are much worried.


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