Cargo traffic increase creating a shortage of space

The demand for transporting cargo to India by air is increasing day by day. It is a favourable medium especially for the perishable items to reach on time to its destination. But what is happening, in reality, is that especially the UK is facing mismanagement in this regard.

Even if the airports have proper space and facility still the labour is not working properly or the cargo companies are not making them execute the work properly. This may also have resulted from the lack of proper supervision or whatever the case is the bottom line is that things are going towards the bad side.

It is being advised that the airports rely on their own efforts for setting standards for perishables not on any other help. Why are perishables being given importance? Well, they die away very soon due to very less shelf life and it is being reported that they are getting wasted in increased numbers.

It will have an adverse effect on the trade side especially when you are following hard decision things at the ports should be up to mark. Ill-treatment causes the loss and it should be stopped.

Imposing clarity and transparency in the process

Although the developed countries are very well established for these two sides still more work is being asked for in these areas. More facilities are said to be given to the sector.

The labour should be trained to handle every type of items so that they can reach their destination without harm. What use of air transfer when shipping gives more reliability?

If this question arises and becomes common among the traders then this will be a major blow to the air cargo industry. So, there should be strong steps taken towards making corrections.

A necessity being wasted

Food is the biggest problem for many countries in the world. Ask those who cannot eat a tummy full meal and what if you are in the same situation. So, there have to be some measures taken for delivering the article to the destination without being spoiled.

There are temperature control containers and things are transferred to them when they are to travel on an aeroplane. But the problem is before this they are not stored properly and either it is due to short of space or due to mishandling both the cases can be corrected.

What is causing the problem?

The problem is not only with UK airports, it is prevailing in the US as well. In one analysis it is being said that the concept on which the prevailing spaces are built cannot cope with present situations and products or raw being transferred.

They have to be upgraded. The structure, as well as the people working inside, has to act accordingly so that this problem can be solved in the best way.

Also, it is being pointed out that off and on flights are not treated properly and facilities are not provided according to the need of that item which is causing the problem. Another view is that the infrastructure of the cargo terminals is outdated which also becomes a hindrance to proper functioning.

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