Air India acquires a major stake in cargo to India

India is a well-organized economy and has strong foreign policy and ties with various countries and international markets. On behalf of its strong ties, trade between India and other countries is booming.

With the help of efficient trade and cargo policies, Air Cargo to India is at the forefront of this international pick and drop service provider for its homeland. International soft cargo rates along with excellent cargo services make Air India prominent in this scenario. Apart from Air India operating internationally, its domestic route earns a lot for the company and the government.

India is a large country with a population of 1.25 billion, trades inland to earn a good amount of revenue for the government and Air India is playing its role very effectively in this regard to increase freight to India.

Air India’s fact sheet shows its potential in the cargo sector

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) last year released the official document of the working fact sheet of the Air India Cargo Department, which shows that Air India has acquired a large share in domestic cargo and international cargo. Air India increased its international cargo by 9.5% and domestic cargo by 4.9%.

This growth rate reflects the eligibility of Air India Cargo, although IATA has released official news about the fall of international cargo trade, while 265 Global Airlines controls 83% of global air traffic, while Air India has proven its international advantage by providing the best cargo worldwide.

Air India plays an important role in cargo transportation

When transportation is involved in any field or business, it opens up a new dimension of trade and no trade or business in this world is possible without the help of transportation. In business, you pay for the goods and the seller for a profit is always the buyer and the seller available in the market.

The Department of Cargo to India is directly affiliated with both parties; whether you are a buyer or a seller, you need transportation from one market to another or from one place to another. Logistics or transportation is the complete department dealing with the appropriate documentation and responsibility to its clients.

The best market with the best cargo business

Although no restrictions apply to any airline operating with any business centre, it is entirely dependent on the business community’s attitude toward any particular airline. For example, the UK cargo market is more favourable to Air India than any other airline when it comes to send cargo to India from UK. It reflects the grip of a particular airline on specific cargo markets.

Britain is considered the second home of the people of the subcontinent, so it is a solid market for goods. If any airline finds this market, it will pay off with huge revenue. With a large number of Indians living in the UK and Europe, Air India has taken over the gold market, preferring its international airline to supply its cargo over other airlines.

Air India Cargo expands its surroundings

The company does not like to be limited to global limited markets for cargo concerns. In this sense, Air India has its strong policy that can capture the market internationally by offering the best facilities at affordable prices to earn extra revenue for their country and government.

Now Air India has started taking its stake in North America, Europe and eastern parts of Asia in this regard. Air cargo is not important to the global economy but the business environment reflects stiff competition between different companies. In this difficult situation, Air India’s relaxed approach will help it achieve a major share in international cargo. Various new cargo routes for Air India have proved their serious concern with this cargo business.

Air India Cargo Division

In one country you can send and receive your cargo by truck, pickup and loading van, but the picture changes completely when you move goods across borders. Air India is effectively globalized in this cargo business, especially in the UK. It has the right department to deal with this business.

Well-trained staff are available at all stations, which enable customers to receive or ship any kind of goods to India from anywhere in the world. The UK is the busiest route from AIR India cargo flights to India. India has its own logistics chain to engage in all kinds of legal goods from all over the world.

Air India provides fast cargo services

Moving goods from one place to another is part of the business. We are now in the 21st century and time is money. Indian Airlines provides the best cargo services to India from all over the world, especially from the UK to India with great care and management and saves good speed and time.

The staff is well trained, the logistics are quick and experienced and the loading department consists of experienced and well-trained staff. Air India delivers very careful and agile cargo at the same time. Freight delivered by Indian Airlines is slightly more expensive than seafood, but it saves their customers time by dropping them at their doorsteps.

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