Cargo to India has been expanding relentlessly for a long time

Who doesn’t care to send gifts back home, on the off chance if they can and who don’t care to have them? Being far away from friends and family is a real issue and sending them gifts is the only thing that connects you with them. There are numerous ways to pursue as according to the country you are going to import, at that point, there are the custom issues and duties as well. Sending cargo to India from the UK is a typical practice as there are many Indians living abroad for study purposes and for jobs and business as well. As a matter of first importance, you need to be aware of what you are sending so later on, the issues don’t emerge. Second of all pack the cargo in the correct manner, be smart enough to use the correct method as told by the cargo forwarder.

Track your package and be stress-free

Unfortunately many times people face a bad incident of loss of packages or sometimes their parcels are damaged badly. Such things put a big question mark on cargo companies. To be honest not all five fingers in your hands are equal. When people going to try some cheap cargo companies they will face such a situation. The low price doesn’t mean poor service but at least you should read reviews of clients before you give them a chance.

Your gift is lost and you haven’t any clue what happened to it, what you are going to do now? With whom you are going to complain? What kind of reliable services do you think you were using? Do you have any online tracking facility for your gift? Do you have shipping insurance? Cheap companies never provide such services. Please keep it in mind that there is a big difference between cheap cargo companies and the companies that are offering their services at low rates. Not all low rates of companies are cheap neither all those are good who charge you a lot.

Size issues

Does size matter? Yes, it is. The small size of your parcel, the maximum problem you can face by its delivery. As it is hard to take care of a small handy box where you have to take care of giant pallets and boxes and container shipping to India from the UK. Unless you have a cargo tracking facility.

It doesn’t sound good that you are putting a wristwatch into a big pallet just to avoid any incident. You can get comparatively a big box and after that, you should fill it with some packing material some other paper and put your gift in the box. Big cargo boxes are dealt with quite a different manner.

Appropriate paperwork is so important

First of all, you should aware of the thing that whatever you are sending to your loved ones is not illegal to ship or you would be in big trouble otherwise. There is a list of prohibited items to ship in every cargo company, give it a look, if you don’t find it on the front desk or on any wall, ask the desk person for the list. If they don’t have the list, there isn’t any reason to give them a chance as you can understand the situation you will be facing in the upcoming time.

A cargo company that is working on an international level not facilitate you as per SOP’s neither they have any SOP’s, time to go to some other cargo office mate.

Ask them to let you know the proper procedure of shipping and insurance cover in case of damage or lost package. On the other side it is suggested to fill the cargo form in neat handwriting, write properly not in any rush. Recheck twice the info you are providing them especially delivery address and contact number.

Your packing can make your cargo safe or ruin as well

Packing your gift box is also one of the main things you should never ignore. Especially if you are sending cargo to India. Either you are using air cargo service or sea cargo you know the distance is quite long which you should keep in mind while packing your parcel.

If you think you are not good enough to pack your parcel, you can ask your cargo company to pack your stuff from you. There are many cargo companies that facilitate their clients with the facility of packing their valuables and door to door cargo shipping services. An appropriate box and proper packing are vital for the safety of your parcel.

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