Developing Air cargo of India on modern lines for bright future

If the UK says India is not its priority for setting up a trade deal then India is not in a rush to do so. So this is not an easy situation for any of these countries. Trade among them is important but for now, it is of more importance for the UK in the present circumstances.

India has set some major and strict rules for itself in trading industry and cargo to India as well which are followed strictly. One thing they want for now is to have a more lenient cross border movement for their students. As the Indian government indicates it will be very difficult for an agreement to be reached if this condition is not met.

But no one knows what is going to happen when this all will happen in reality. So till then, all these are speculations. The former PM Theresa May’s target to cut the migration to below 100,000 annually was not a step appreciated by the Indian side and there was open disagreement also.

Things get different when you are going to operate independently for the first time. Keeping good relations but on the other hand, keeping independent status intact becomes essential.

Why India is an important destination?

The simple reason is its history and those long term trade relations which effects the Indian economy in past. Nature has changed but the understanding of culture, language and other related factors have increased to such a height that it becomes approachable for the locals at both side to get attached and familiar with each other.

What should be done at what time and how to tackle a situation is now easier than before as people have also become flexible and open with time. The market scale has also increased and a business can flourish if established on the right rules.

Are these students playing an integral part in the UK economy?

Yes, and why not. They are fully capable of providing required services to British companies. Also now Indian companies are operating in the region and they have invested in the economy in the country. Also, there are already many Indian families residing in the UK and this country has become half of India already.

So yes these students and afterwards their families combined do contribute. Also when they come to study in colleges and universities their financial condition gets better so why should they disagree with taking them. Therefore there was a strong reaction even within Britain about the restricted movement of Indian students as they form a major part of earning.

The holiday destination changed

Another interesting aspect is that getting a visa for vacation has become difficult due to the complications involved now. The new attraction for tourists is now France. Trends around the world change at a very fast pace and to keep track of things you have to see everything critically.

One decision might affect the country badly may it be of interest for the native people though. But in a global village concept, a country cannot remain alone and prosper also.

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