More Operational ports means more Cargo business to grab

Indian ports get the major portion of Cargo

India is a country with vast area and boundaries. In Asia, it has its own importance due to its geographical grounds. There are several ports and harbors in India, some of them are natural and rest is artificial. Harbors and ports are very important and play key role in the economy of any country and country like India with population of 1.25 billion really depends on the business gets from the rest of the world by using its ports for trade and Cargo to India.

Some countries are without ports then they borrow the near most ports for their cargo. Two major sides of India are in Arabian Sea, so ports of India get the lion share from Cargo business and make economy of its country strong by sending parcels to India.

Indian Officials has keen eye on Cargo business

Indian Government is well aware of these facts and takes good steps to improve its cargo business through its main harbors and ports. After the announcement of demonetization, the significant growth in cargo business has been recorded.  The 12 major ports of India have played important part of this recent boost in cargo business. The major portion of Indian Economy is based on its Cargo business through these ports and Indian Government has keen eye on this business.

Warm weather is important to move Cargo business by ports

Weather is a key player when you talk about cargo business by ports or harbors. Indian weather supports its harbors and ports the whole year. Indian ports remaining open 365 days of the year for Cargo or shipping that has effect on the growing economy of the country.

There are several ports that are operational just in limited seasons but Indian weather is warm and ports and harbors are operational throughout the whole year. It allows cheapest way to send parcels to India from UK.

Cargo vessels can be docked easily in ports of India

Indian ports are appropriate to dock big ships and cargo vessels easily. Indian Ports offer good and safe environment and with deep waters, necessary to dock big ships. Cargo vessels are of mammoth sizes and can be docked easily in Indian ports. On Indian ports loading and unloading of a cargo vessel is much easier than other ports of sub-continent.

It provides the opportunity to generate good cargo business overall.

Indian ports are achieving their Cargo targets

As we discussed that Indian Ports play major part in Cargo business, they have achieved their assigned targets. Last year 370MT of cargo recorded that was handled by the 12 major ports of India. The graph of cargo business through ports is increasing every year. Though overall shipping business has gone bearish but trade through ports gained a little bit in Asia and Indian ports has achieved its major goals set by the Government or shipping Ministry.

Solid foreign policies are also important to run ports

Ports are used not only by the country that owns them but the whole world use them if foreign policies are friendly with other countries. Indian foreign policies are welcoming one and catch cargo business by other countries of the world.

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