To increase cargo handling and goods transport bilateral trade need to be improved

There is no doubt that Indian cargo industry reached great heights in past years and all is happening at a fast pace also. Making the cargo exchange and trade process fast the digital concepts were introduced and four of the ports readily accepted the system.

But when in India things are not that simple nor is a new change accepted easily. So there is still a lot of numbers to achieve before the government could say that the country has become digitalized in cargo process.

The use of technology in India will not only hugely affect the cargo to India industry there will be a revolution in every sector. But how the government is going to convince the private sector to adopt the system is another question.

The four-port services mentioned above is the minor private sector that has accepted it. But that large number is still not convinced.

The government and the private sector have to work together

The road to achievement is simple. Both the major sectors of the cargo industry have to work together as they are doing on other grounds. If this cannot be arranged then there will be a huge technology gap.

But making the widespread culture and communities work together on a single criterion is difficult, not impossible. There is a lot of technology already in the country. The smartphone users are there and still, the number keeps on rising every day. So there will be an advancement in this respect soon.

Why digitalization?

It is fast, not time-consuming and the best there is no element or less element of corruption. This last factor prevails to a large extent in this part of the world. And despite such great advancements, this cannot be controlled.

One way or other people find ways to earn unlawfully. But making a human have his memory erased and feed him with a fresh plane mind is impossible. So for this matter software can be made leak-free from time to time making it secure.

Also, everything is fed in the computer and you do not have to do the clearance process again and again and carry a bundle of papers with you.

There can be small gaps in the supply chain

There will be an agreement at the end of all this as no one can deny these days the facility which comes with the use of technology. It is just the mafia which does not want to lose its grips in the private as well as government sectors.

But it is the usual routine of most of the governments in Asian countries to tackle such situations and they do get over them sooner or later. Also, the difference in belief systems of the communities plays a role in rejecting any progress. But there is hope alive as the young population is rising at a good pace.

And those exposed to college and university studies know very well how this major advancement is beneficial. But it is necessarily the old thought process which has to be mould according to the new one.

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