Whether the impact will be a positive one or it shuts down the business, time will have to tell

Digitalization is to make things easier for the sender and the receiver at the ports or the airports. It is a one point system where only once the data is fed in the computer and there is no need of producing additional documents throughout the journey.

Digitalization is not being introduced in India to the ports only, there are other offices where this system is being introduced after which there will be less effort needed by the freight forwarders from UK to India.

On one hand, it is a very good thing for the sender or the receiver, but on the other, the freight forwarders may suffer due to less business left for them in the market. There is a possibility that the services of freight forwarders will become less and less in the coming future.

The situation is not that alarming at present, but it will have a serious effect in the years to come. The documents and money will be taken by the technology and the third matter ‘cargo’ will be carried out by the carriers.

How can the future be secured?

A true businessman always attends his fear of loss and has a backup plan in case of any such situation. So it can be a good time to do something for the problem and start thinking for a solution.

One very handy solution put forward by a senior freight forwarder is investment in technology. For such an optimist the business has not ended as there are still products which require expertise to get them pass.

Also for those companies who do not have their own people at work on the technology side, need expertise and for that, a skilled person in this area would prove to be very useful.

What actions can do harm

When a company works directly from its office with a computerized freight forwarder, as Amazon is serving, transparency becomes a positive outcome. In such a situation freight facilities are provided in less payment has to spend and the extra fees or journey charges will be cut off.

This will certainly attract the sender towards this setup. There are already companies booking their shipment through digital access and this is actually turning out well for them.

You don’t have to look for the right forwarder who has experts for obtaining and compiling the documents and clearing the shipment in the customs. Even the customs procedure of moving goods towards advancement and over here the freight forwarders feels like a minus result.

A sigh of relief

Now, to do all the work in some days or even some months is not possible, which can give plenty of time for the involved to properly finalize for what to do? This is a relaxation indeed but this period should be utilized properly so as to get a lot out of it.

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