A comprehensive view on development of capacity of this sector

Present surge in cargo activity on Indian airports has put authorities to think of expansion and modernization of facilities to come at par with other business hubs around the globe. By doing so there is a possibility of an escalation in operations while the reduction in time required to process cargo imported from the United Kingdom. In fact, it is part of civil aviation policy of the country formulated last year to promote air cargo activity at different airports of the country.

It is a comprehensive plan to harmonize the growth of this sector so that whole industry flourishes. For cargo growth, through this route, a specific institute will be established that ensure the development of such procedure which minimizes the cost so that it ultimately assist those using this means of goods transportation. Though the main perspective of this initiative was export oriented but it would help imports from England to this nation.

Freight forwarding on seaports has become much simpler

For the shipping sector, the somewhat same approach has been adopted by the government to keep ongoing transformation of technology abreast with ports of the country. Containers from developed nations now would reach to their importers without much documentation as use of latest technology has made things further simple.

To take advantage of these facilities, there should have been more ease from Britain, so that the potential of Indian markets can be used well by the businesses in the country. Shipping companies in India now can purchase ships in foreign countries. In this way, a specialized service can be offered to Britain exporters sending goods or waste to this part of the world.

Cargo from UK to India

There is a considerable increase in cargo activity on UK top air cargo hub, Heathrow in March. When we see in context to India, there is 13% surge as compared to last year same month performance. It is an indication of more demand of bilateral trade between the two partners even when hurdles are there looming over these relations.

Indian dependency over United Kingdom for its GDP is nominal so concerns are not that high from this side but FTA is equally lucrative for both sides. Unlike other countries of Europe, while trading with this nation, there is no communication issue as the English language is common between both nations.

Possible future surge in trade between two states

There is a recent study suggesting that there would be possible increase in bilateral trade up to 26% after free trade agreement and it is really encouraging for the authorities to make serious efforts towards materializing it.

The present tariff imposed on imports from the United Kingdom hampering products to reach targeted audience and it is due to European Union conditions. So when there will be no such obligation then an extra £2 billion will be earned by British economy. Though there is ample reluctance at the moment but the bait is too big to shun the negotiation regarding it. Other developed nations are also eying at world second biggest consumers market, so to consolidate its place England has to do bit extra.

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