Increased Prices Encourage people to use Air Freight more

The pandemic period has certainly left its impact unfortunately mostly negative. The biggest influence has been on prices around the world. The rise in oil prices has changed the trade scenario. The sea freight has become expensive in these past years. The main reason is the oil price surge.

Every country in the world is getting influenced by such price hikes and many other factors. India was the country worst hit by the pandemic and still dealing with its after-effects. However, now things are coming back to their normal state. Especially when we talk about trade, this sector got hit badly as many countries put the country on the red list.

That halted air or sea traffic from many parts of the world which affected the country not only from the outside world also the economy within the country got disrupted. Trade between UK and India also stopped for a while but both remained in touch in any way they can to keep things on track.

But after a major breakdown in trade, India is now getting back on track and it is being said that in a short time trade will be back where it was before but a lot of things have changed. Air cargo to India as in the rest of the world is getting more attention and a large shift has been recorded in the trend. But this does not mean that the industry has made itself fit the need.

An increase in air traffic means more work for the ground staff

Air cargo is mostly used to get the perishable goods to travel safely and reach the destination on time without any harm. There has been an increase in air cargo use for transferring vaccines to India from the UK and other parts of the world as well.

The temperature-sensitive boxes are there for the purpose but they are not automatic to the extent that they can operate on their own. The ground staff has to check each box to make sure that the temperature settings are right. There has to be an upgrade for the operational side so that the load can be taken off the staff somewhat.

Maybe if they can be operated via software that can be better. Whatever the solution it should take effect soon or the load can crush even the normal functioning of flights. It is good that air cargo is prospering but not when it is not able to take the pressure to such an extent. This challenge demands a quick solution because it is directed towards a very sensitive cargo transfer.

Space shortage becomes another hurdle

It is said that the true capacity of a commodity becomes apparent in times of surge and that is what exactly air cargo at the whole in the world is facing. It is not only that several vaccines are getting transferred every day around the world to make the pandemic under control.

This is a cargo that has to be taken care of and given proper space or else there is going to be irreversible damage. But giving this proper space and leaving the rest of the cargo is also not possible. Airlines are putting up extra planes for the purpose and also operating for carrying the passengers and all that combined is becoming a lot of work.

The shift of the sea cargo to India is again putting its pressure. People do like to have their goods delivered fast and also when the medium has become affordable as compared to sea then this is a very favourable situation.

But the question remains that is the air cargo industry taking the pressure properly? For now, it could be doing well but as more and more people turn towards it for sending cargo things are going to become difficult.

Passenger shortage does not matter much anymore

There has been a remarkable drop in the number of people travelling after the COVID situation. And there was a sudden downfall for the industry in the world and India and UK as well. But when trade commenced this was compensated somewhat. Still, the number of passengers is low who travel across borders but trade is doing its work to lessen the loss.

Airlines are converting their planes into full fledge freight operators and putting in to use that way. So to gain stability trends keep on changing for countries. And not only the goal is to stabilize, but it is also to increase the cargo capacity as well to create more opportunities.

Indian airports come with the same surge and tackled well

At many international airports as well there has been an increase in cargo activity. The airports are fully equipped to keep the circle going without much difficulty for now. Over here also there is a sharp cut in the number of passengers but freight exchange is making up for lesser people travelling. Although there is a capacity shortage in the country’s airports with the right strategy the cargo is being handled. Even here the companies are turning passenger planes into freight handlers and increasing the ability.