Solid foreign policy can play a vital role in this reference

India has its reservations on CPEC though it will bring prosperity in South Asia

Governments, countries and foreign policies run on a basic formula and the formula is very simple, “Diplomacy”. Indian Government has its own reservations on CPEC project that is a mega project of South Asia in between Pakistan and China, two nuclear powers of the region.

India feels threat that it will lose the grip of South Asian business due to this project. South Asia is a big market and no one wants to lose its interest in it. India is taking this issue on political grounds because they feel threat of downfall of cargo and Parcels to India ratio. Though it has not any concern with politics or geopolitics of the area and it is just a cargo route for China to reach remote areas by using Pakistani territory.

Indian foreign policy is trying to assure the drawbacks of this project on Indian economy

Though India has its strong economy but there is something in the mind of India that due to this project the equilibrium of power and economy of the region will be disturbed. India ‘s foreign policy is in trying to put pressure on rest of the world against CPEC.

In different international conferences, India has discussed this issue to convince the rest of the people according to its own point of view. As we discussed earlier that countries run by strong foreign policies and India has its strong foreign policy to propagate the issue until it will get a reasonable solution. India is trying to defend its Sea Cargo business by raising this issue. It is just an assumption that CPEC will disturb the economic equilibrium of the region, India needs to get fruits of this mega project instead of criticize it.

India has strong relations with Russia and now it wants to re-strengthen these relations in field of cargo

CPEC is just a corridor, a passage nothing else. India has its own reservations on it and now it is in try to re-unite with Russia and Europe in search of new markets internationally. This positive attitude is warmly welcomed by all business community.

It is an optimistic attitude of Indian government to re-gain business markets of Russia and Europe. China is a big market and no doubt that inclination of China towards Pakistan is alarming for the neighboring countries but business canvass is very vast to paint on according to your own will.

Indian Government depends on its business with rest of the countries so it works for that

India is a big country with population of 1.25 billion. It is the responsibility of government to give food, shelter, education and other necessities of life to its people. To fulfill all these demands, India relies on its business with rest of the world.

Cargo business of India is a mega industry and contributes a lot in the economy of India, now Indian government is in try to relocate its business relations with rest of the world.  India can get the fruits and benefits of CPEC also if thinks positively. By this mega project overall business of this region will increase and buyer of different goods can touch Indian markets as well.

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