Digitalization of India is now moving towards the transportation industry

Increased trade between India and other countries in the world has prompted the government to take steps to make Air Cargo smoother and more efficient, as well as much work that must be done to transport goods across the ocean.

The latest development is the introduction of community systems with public-private partnerships that focus primarily on improving the process of air transportation and at the same time never forgetting to offer steps to minimize the cost of this normally expensive means of transportation for valuable materials and units.

Indian civil aviation in action

By making such a path, customers can work with windows as specified in the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation. It also shows a high level of commitment from the authorities to maintain the current momentum by offering maximum opportunities for trade between countries.

The aviation and customs department together gave customers complete information on this topic. Most documents significantly hinder the process of air shipping, because it requires about 30 types of documents, producing 100 copies.

So you can easily imagine a lot of documents and fill them out or take a lot of time, also need to silence many people who want to be involved in this type of activity.

Digitizing the shipping process

Suggestions for overcoming this situation and barriers in the supply chain are encouraged. For this purpose, a proposal to digitize interaction between stakeholders by providing an electronic platform.

This way requires less documentation or absolutely no documentation required. Concerns about duplication are also addressed because digital systems never allow you to re-enter data.

Starting from a pilot project

Transport Agency and Airport companies have now developed their own community systems that facilitate the exchange of information at various levels in the supply chain. Everyone tries to be effective and smooth. Current procedures also lack transparency and stability.

To improve this scenario and set standards for airport ministers throughout the country, send your suggestions. The pilot project began to examine practicality and measure the success of these possible changes in the prevailing system.

Number of suggestions for improvement

All relevant authorities will have access to the required data, so no extensive documents are needed. This will also help to reduce costs that can be passed on to the customer to a lesser extent.

For one of the fastest growing economies in the world, this is a major obstacle when transaction rates are highest. Therefore, various efforts are being made to minimize transaction costs, which help increase the rate of production and are not a barrier.

The government helps the economy

In this way, the government has taken a very encouraging approach to making business easier. This also increases system reliability. The aviation industry is also looking forward to welcoming all measures that will help it advance and meet the standards of industrialized countries. Indian cargo airlines are also part of the proposal, which will certainly improve the situation of the local industry significantly.



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