World Standard cargo operations at Mumbai International Airport

Pharmaceuticals are sensitive cargo and to maintain required temperature in storage places along with standard training of the staff handling it are critical for providing guarantee of every step of operation.

Mumbai international airport has become the first one in the country that has become an authority to offer end to end pharmaceutical lane for Parcel shippers.

Start of Pharma-Aero

Brussels and Miami airports initiated Pharma-Aero an umbrella organization established for carrying life saving science from one country to other. Now Mumbai airport has become partner in it as well.

A certified lane has become available for subcontinent and all those interested in this cargo operation can make most of it. This organization is quite different as the requirement of carriage is sensitive and it helps in connecting airports and shipper efficiently.

By such steps quality and standard will be guaranteed that would certainly add value for pharmaceutical industry present in the country. A specific service area for particular purpose would obviously enhance communication among the stakeholders. The shippers would be benefited more as they could inform airport authorities what type of Cargo services they exactly want for their products.

No compromise is possible on life-saving products as their efficiency heavily depends on handling and temperature maintainability. These facilities also need to be of a certain level as authorities demand these assurances that are offered by organizations established for the purpose.

It really indicates that there is massive transportation of earlier mentioned goods in this region so it had become indispensable to provide this type of facility at one of industrial hubs of India.

Improved facilities would ensure steep increase in life saving science cargo business

The concerns of involved elements in supply chain of pharmaceutical export or import are addressed properly addressed and they would get answers of their quarries without any confusion.

By having such kind of facilities the companies get maximum advantage as the time of processing become shorter and it also let them to minimise their cost. At another airport Kuwait-based company has opened facility for handling temperature-sensitive life science.

There are expectations of steep increase this year so to coop with increasing needs of the sector. With international standards of handling at all steps the customers of these products remain satisfied and they focus more on improving their business. An estimated increase of sixty percent has been anticipated by experts and inclusion of high tech facilities ensures further opportunities for the same business.

It is the first one of this kind and certainly would help the adjoining area so that the manufacturer could easily avail the opportunity of transportation.Pharmaceutical export or import industry plays an important role in economy of the country so providing the required facilitation areas surely boost the volume of business and generate maximum revenue up to the potential of this sector of Indian economy.

An important section of economy would start performing to its actual capacity certainly produce good results and engage more human resources for stability in progress of an emerging economy of the world.

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