Growing Economy is facing some issues that need to be addressed for an efficient trade.

One of the most imperative issue that a country faces to increase its import and export is how the govt. prepares its policies and what are the factors present in the region that have direct effect on freight demand.

The first thing is the economic condition of that land. If economic stability is present it will increase the freight traffic that will give way to increase in growth.

Then come the industrial distance and the time taken to reach that specific area where goods are to be delivered. It is particularly for the goods that have small shelf life.

The location of the country itself has an influence on the transport of cargo internationally. The feasible winds and proper development of ports and airports with needed facilities make the environment positive for import and export.

Furthermore, the internal affairs and disturbances within a country also have a direct affect on the security system and assurance of clear trading system between countries.

The international globalization of businesses, warehousing charges or custom clearance policies, fuel prices, legislations and rules all have an affect on the freight demand and economic growth.

India is having economic advancement every year and the secret behind is its improving policies and suitable custom clearance processes.

 Expanding Market:

It is observed that India’s major ports have increased the cargo traffic by 4.6% with increase in the trade of various items. It is expected that these numbers will further increase in 2017. The Indian government is changing policies and making investments in the ports to improve the transit methods.

The air cargo policies need to be revised and the warehousing facilities are to be improved to speed up the slowing down trading through air. The development in the inland water systems will also help in speedy transportation at national level. The Jawahirlal Nehru Port is going to be expanded and for now the basic expansion plan for infrastructure is being planned to make way for the work.

India-Afghanistan Trade Route:

A new of trade has started with the agreement of India and Afghanistan on import and export. For the purpose air trade is going to be used, but it will be expensive for both the sides. India is now planning to have a trade route via Iran to have a trade through sea with Afghanistan.

The Chabahar port project is the initiative that can connect India to Afghanistan through sea-land route.

The Chabahar port project is the initiative that can connect India to Afghanistan through sea-land route.

 Increasing Transparency:

To facilitate the trading process transparency is important. As it encourages further  India trading and the shipping companies not hesitate to do business in the region. The Union Ministry is going to do amendments in the 1983 act of Multi-Modal Transportation of Goods to improve transparency in the ports to prevent the ports from freight over charging.

All these measures are said to have an influence on the increase of growth in trading sector, which will further enhance the pace of economic growth. Such projects and many more beside these will make India a much better trading country.

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