By leaving EU Britain will have to face tougher rules of trade and cargo to India

Either the trade is from the India to UK or it is cargo to India from UK there are some points which one has to keep in mind before going for any of the mediums. We are most of the times over conscious about what will happen in the course of travelling which is not good.

It makes ourselves in trouble as well as we put undue pressure in the freight operator and things can go wrong this way. But this does not mean that you should not keep a check at all but every effort should be moderate. A thing which is called nature is always at work and we have to rely on it one time or another.

Without any haste the medium of cargo travelling should be chosen and after that one should accept its pros and cons as nothing comes without them. The air freight has its advantages and disadvantages while the ocean freight has its own.

Travelling by sea

Well UK and India now have a much-systemized way of exchanging goods and India is fast spreading the technology to make things easier. The one-point system is one such effort to facilitate the importer as well as the exporter.

But the thing is that anything can happen while your goods are at sea. Weather plays the most important role when water medium is concerned and the ships have to follow any sudden changes or mishaps. The time can differ by little or big differences so you have to be patient.

The people at work are providing great cargo services staking their lives for alien items. But apart from this, there have been large improvements in the shipping area to provide the best safety to the goods as well as the crew.


You may think that this is a much safer mode for sending good then you are wrong. But still air freight is rising with a good pace and it is being used at a steady speed for cargo exchange. But still, there has to be a lot of work done to increase the capacity so that people can rely on it as they can on the sea freight.

There is the same mistake the sender does when the parcel is dispatched. Losing patience will not make your parcel travel faster. There are formalities which are taken care of experts on board which take time. And most of the times the customs procedure are responsible for delays if not the weather.

What is expected from the sender?

First and the most important you have to trust the people who have taken responsibility of taking your valuables to another country or city. Your objects are insured these days and if anything at all happens to them due to the crew mistake then it can be compensated.

But first of all the sender should follow the packing and safety measures so that the items and especially the fragile goods can reach the destination safely. Remain worry-free and you will see how well your goods reach their destination.

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