The UK and Indian Aviation ministers agreed on an aviation deal at CAPA Aviation Summit 2017

The CAPA Aviation Summit 2017 has finally ended with a fruitful deal between the UK and India on the ease of restrictions on the cargo to India from the UK and the flights from India to the UK at different airports of UK including the Terminal 4 at Heathrow airport London.

The Indian Aviation minister Pusapati Ashok Gajapathi Raju has signed a detailed agreement with the British Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon. He the minister for aviation for the UK.

What is this agreement all about?

This is an agreement between the UK and Indian Aviation Authorities to strengthen the bilateral relations between two nations on the cargo platform. You will be amazed that in the south Asian countries India has the largest domestic cargo share in the UK’s overall cargo.

So this agreement will not only help both countries to boost their cargo but it will also help them to get even closer on tourism and trade. It will also help the NRIs to get closer to their native country and diaspora visiting the friends and families in India.

People send cargo, parcels, excess baggage and even the container cargo from UK to India cargo and similarly, around 70 percent spices for the Indian restaurants and takeaways – which are the largest small business in the UK – come from India. Almost 70 percent caned and fresh Asian vegetables also come from India.

Cargo flight limits removed

Flight limits have been removed from number of Indian cities including Kolkata and Chennai for both cargo and passenger flights to give the passengers ease in traveling. As these are the emerging cities of India, so it will help in making new links with the traders in the country.

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has one of the prime motives to strengthen the links with its global business partners. She talked about opening up new trading zones across the globe and capturing the new markets and creating new jobs that will ultimately help the UK to grow economically. Currently there are more than 3.5 million passengers and 8 million tons of cargo flies directly between two nations every year on more than 160 flights in total.

What are the benefits?

Lord Ahmad has presented some facts about the connections between India and the UK, he stated that in last year there were more than a half million visits produced and bringing around 450 million GBP to the UK economy. He also stated that the Air India was established in 1948 and its first international route was London, however, the British Airway has been taking flights to India for more than 90 years, a longest time with any country after UK itself. Indian aviation has been doubled in past ten years and has targets to become the largest aviation industry across the globe by 2030.

On the other hand in the UK, the expansion of Heathrow airport will open up new opportunities for more than 260,000 flights every year and will make the Heathrow Airport a competitive hub in Europe. The airport will compete with the airports like Amsterdam, Paris, and Frankfurt in the future.

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