Especially handy when there is an excess luggage to be transported

We all know what excess luggage is, but just briefly it is the extra weight which is not allowed by the flight rules. After reaching the maximum limit, you have to pay for any more you want to load. To avoid this expense some people go for the cargo services to have their things transferred in a more reliable way.

Mostly if you are going to India from UK for a long stay or you are altogether shifting from one country to another this service makes your work easier. Now, there are two options for this; one is that you go to the customs and collect it yourself, or you get it right on your doorstep with quality facility of door to door cargo service.

The second one certainly attracts as the cargo service will get it delivered to your home and there will be no hassle of wasting time on traveling. But this service does not come without conditions which have to be met if you are going to avail it.

Requirements should be strictly followed

Sending anything from UK to India in case of excess luggage asks for some papers and formats so that there is no problem from custom clearance. One is that the name of sender and receiver should be the same to avoid any extra taxes or custom duty. This may differ from company to company as per policy.

But it makes sense to avoid any extra expense. Then there are box options according to the size and weight of your goods which the company let you choose from according to its policy. But what should be the most vital requisite is the safe packaging of your parcel.

Whether you are going to choose from the boxes or sending a suit case it should be according to the safety standard of the shipping company. This is essential so as to eradicate any chance of damage to your valuables.

Extra care avoid mishaps

Some very helpful tips can make your worries fly away. One is that if there are multiple boxes or suit cases which you have to cargo then they should be labeled properly with your name or your last name accompanied by the address.

It will make sure that all your boxes reach you for sure and not get misplaced or interchanged due to any confusion on part of the staff. Another advice is to fill the carton properly leaving not a single space unfilled. Fill it with packing material or cut it down and tape it properly. In case of any collision this will secure from any breakage inside.

What else is offered?

Now, all this also depends from company to company what you are going to get. Most of the cargo services or courier services cover insurance of your luggage so that if any loss occurs it can be compensated for you.

Then if you are going for an air freight company then it will reach you soon and long wait for getting your stuff is no longer needed. Also there are very little chances of any thing getting lost as in case of a cargo service they handle your parcel as an individual entity and care for it in the best possible way.

There can be a delay due to weather conditions or custom procedures, as Indian customs give a very thorough check before letting any thing enter their boundaries. But it will surely reach you fast enough and safe in one piece.

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