Cargo, carriage and goods transportation is well protected by the law

Cargo and Carriage of Goods Act offers you the compensation

This is a frequently asked question that what can you do if a moving or cargo company loses or damages your costly and dear things or doesn’t deliver them in time.

Now we explain the cargo and carriage of goods act which defends the customer and consumer rights. We can explain this Cargo and Carriage Goods Act under these headings.

What is Cargo and Carriage Goods Act?

There probably are several cargo and courier companies around you. Each and every cargo company works under the Cargo and Carriage of Goods Act 1979. This Act gives shelter or compensation in any case of loss or damage.

It is imposed as general rule of the state, though your own signed contract with the cargo carrier company may restrain your rights.

In the case of loss or damage how this Cargo Act works?

Each and every cargo company has its own policy but all these cargo companies are bound to obey the state’s law regarding this. If there is no written or signed contract between you and the cargo company then the general rule of Cargo and Goods Carriage Act will be applied and the cargo company Parcels to India will pay you in compensation as per law. If there is any written or dually signed contract between you and the cargo company then these specific rules should be followed by both parties. There are three types of written contract used generally.

  • If the goods or Cargo is carried under “at owner’s risk” then the Cargo Carrier Company is not liable to pay you against any loss or damages.
  • If the Cargo is taken as “at declared value risk” then the Cargo Company will compensate with the value written in the agreement.
  • If the Cargo is booked as “on declared terms” both parties are free to negotiate all the terms as they wish.

 How to make a claim in Cargo business?

The Cargo and Goods Carriage Act gives you thirty days to make a claim against the Cargo Company, generally. If you have any signed contract with Cargo Company then time period will vary accordingly.

If the situation go worse and both parties can’t resolve the problem then the claim of Cargo loss can be shifted to the Disputes Tribunal.

Get the Insurance of your Cargo

Insurance companies deal cargo and carriages with pleasure because it is exceptional condition that the cargo slips away, being theft or damaged during transportation India. You pay some extra charges in regards of Insurance and get insurance paper from the company. In any worse happenings with your cargo or goods during transporting, that company will pay you the pre-decided compensation.

There is Cargo and Goods Carriage Consumer Guarantees Act that compensates you in different angles. If the cargo company fails to deliver your Cargo or Goods in time, this Act will be applied on Cargo Company. In case of delay or loss you can claim your money, goods or Cargo items in compensation and the Cargo Company is bound to pay what you like the most.

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