UK Luxury Cars have good scope in the country for their excellence

A growing economy has diversified needs and they create opportunities for international trade. UK and India have been partners in many areas for decades that allow them to enjoy ideal mutual trust. With better industrialist base, the European nation exports to South Asia largely comprise of high tech machinery and high ended articles that mainly target emerging middle class of the country. Auto sector is an important avenue and has attracted focus of both sides to raise trade volume between the two.

Like previous year in first six months of this year, Cargo import of UK made cars in India has increased by 8.3 percent as compared to same period. Luxury cars with most modern specifications are appealing to the population. Not only for sales but after market segment is also has potential that need to be paid attention. Due to political turmoil and leaving single market of the continent Britain has been neglecting these encouraging figures.

More trade certainly beneficial for cargo handlers

Keeping in view the expertise and range of similar products, British companies can penetrate with their splendid and lavish automobiles in this market. Though by imposing high tariffs from Indian side, every effort has been made to minimize the number of imported cars but temptation is irresistible particularly for people affording this kind of spending. At the same time, the long awaited free trade agreement between the two nations could change this scenario of keeping this number limited.

It is easier for the freight forwarding and cargo booking agents to facilitate big articles. Extra care is needed just as the case is with other costly items that need to be delivered in the best shape. At ports of both countries, latest equipments installation and availability of veteran staff of reputed cargo handling companies allow smooth handling at every stage.

With evolving situation UK companies eyeing at Indian potential

Being well aware of the international trade dynamics, Britain knows the challenges of modern day world. That is why after quitting Brussels single market fresh agreements would come into effect and strengthen ties with old friends. Will of leaders is also clearly indicating their eagerness to engage in talks to shape the future of trade relations.The interested organizations are also carrying out studies to suggest possible ways to enhance trade volume and benefit both sides equally. The hurdles and disagreements are always there but to overcome them negotiations and strong will would be good sources.

Future of Bilateral Trade

Some groups are of the view that even FTA would not allow to reduce government duties and taxes on import of luxury cars from United Kingdom. Such an impression is still prevailing due to discouraging past particularly in this sector of bilateral trade. Demand of lavish automobiles has been declining so does the production in this European country. With these realities, it is quite easy to imagine the gloomy picture of this industry but it is largely due to uncertainty of situation. Once the scenario becomes vivid things would get back on track.

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