The list of goods exported from the UK India is long and ports in both countries have the required facilities

For an ambitious future of bilateral trade, the United Kingdom is eager to sign a pact that leads to the objective. Both these nations now competing for the fifth largest economy in the world but are ready to enhance their cooperation too. These two countries have strong trade ties and healthy trade volumes. Both sides know that their trade can be increased further.

For this, they can identify obstacles in the way to achieving their ambitious target of doubling trade volume. Authorities are trying to pave the way through initial steps in this direction. Cargo companies are also aware of the situation and they have the capacity to cater to future needs of goods transportation on this route.

Traders use both air cargo and sea cargo routes to send their goods from the UK to India. The list of goods exported from the UK India is long and ports in both countries have the required facilities to cater transportation of all kinds of goods. Big cargo companies have made the investment to build different facilities and train staff handling cargo.

India is a big country and big trading nations find it as a huge market for their goods. Unforeseen events have made things worse for the world including international trade. New opportunities have also been identified and cargo companies also need to be robust to meet the challenges of coming years.

Trade is indispensable and cargo companies have experienced this during the pandemic period. Even medical supplies need transportation services so that everyone around the world could get the required products.

These service providers take everything you want

During the ban on airline operations, both UK and India strengthened their relations by standing with each other. India received help from the UK not only in form of medical supplies but also in vaccination. United Kingdom is eyeing at the export of cars from the UK to India and for this, some relaxations are demanded from the Indian side.

Lower tariffs and relaxation in the import of used cars could easily increase the export of vehicles from the UK to India. Clients can book their vehicle anywhere from the UK to be delivered in any port of India. Clients are at liberty to choose from available transportation options for their goods.

People send goods for their own use as well through cargo companies. These service providers take everything you want to be delivered in India. They charge you on basis of weight or volume or a mix of both. Clients can check the rates of different service providers and choose according to their needs.

Commercial consignments are usually booked with the same service provider but individuals may change cargo service providers every time they need to send goods to India. Cargo companies need to have good knowledge of seaports and airports in India to book goods for the nearest port.

People want delivery at the doorstep so that receiver may not face any problem. Some goods need customs clearance so clients can ask for a customs clearance service or the receiver can do it. In either way, rules and laws are followed to make the delivery of goods anywhere by air cargo to India or by sea.

A strong foundation is present for the two sides

Fewer documentation requirements and lower tariffs could easily bilaterally trade between two nations. To achieve such a trade deal both sides have been doing their work. Apart from trade both India and the UK have significant investment in different sectors of each other country.

This is why a strategic partnership is very much possible between the two countries and trade surely boost. A strong foundation is present for the two sides to build their trade relations further or achieve any set goals. Interaction between people to people, business to business and government to government level will also prove helpful for reaching a consensus on a free trade agreement.

People are not very hopeful about any such deal because no such deal has been signed yet by the United Kingdom after leaving the single European market. Different joint forums are present for people and businesses of both sides to share their thoughts for future trade ties.

India is ambitious to increase the size of its economy further in the coming years and for this purpose, international trade with big economies is very important. The role of supply chains is also significant to keep an economy growing.

A thriving partnership with India is a strong desire of the United Kingdom

UK authorities have worked with Indian departments to improve the ease of doing business in the country. Different barriers for foreign companies have been identified and shared so that these obstacles can be removed. The United Kingdom is extending every help to India and soon there will be encouraging news for traders as well to enhance bilateral trade.

A thriving partnership with India is a strong desire of the United Kingdom. Export of services from the UK to India has also increased in recent years and export of apples from the country has also been noticed. It is surprising for many that apples from the UK reach India after decades. Much work needs to be done to explore new possibilities of trade between the two sides. The strong middle class in India is a buyer of many foreign goods and the United Kingdom finds it a good market for its finished goods.