The promises, the deals and finally the reality showing itself when the time nearing

This discussion is not going to be a cynical piece of writing nor does it have any intention of making a judgment. Many times a situation is mistaken due to what you think will happen if a step is taken and you are so sure about it that many other aspects seem to dilute in it. Britain’s step of gaining a separate independent state in the trade sector is one such example. It was bold and must step and was taken with an agreement in the parliament through the vote of confidence. Well, that confidence proved to be overconfidence with the passage of time. One should always believe in themselves but making things happen in a systematic and sensible manner is a totally another thing. It is just the mishandling of Brexit which is leading the government to see such a large scale no confidence which also effect trading and cargo to India business as well.

Agreements made worldwide

In an attempt to make things easier for the exit there have been talks with trading partners of UK so that compensation can be done to cover the vacuum going to take place after Brexit. But still, a very short success list is available. So what was the government doing since the decision took place? Is this an act of laziness or not having confidence in countrymen or is it that there was no plan at all. Even it is getting harder to get to a final state of agreements with the major economies like India. PM Theresa May wants to be separated but taking with her the already present agreements with EU so that easy access remains present with these countries.

Things striking back

The parliamentary decision has bounced back to the PM and now demand of re-referendum is being asked for. Then the deal with EU to cover the post-exit period till a certain time period until the UK formulates trading line for it is also rejected. The problem is that there have been no solid and serious steps for the matter and things were put away thinking that everything will be done in the blink of an eye. A highly inappropriate way of handling things has to lead to all this state.

The services sector is the most difficult

It is not easy to make people work on your line and the services sector is one such area. This sector has a major contribution to the export sector of the UK. EU is a whole with lots of countries working in a bloc and benefiting one another in the trade markets. But when you are alone things are different. EU is not a tiny thing to be ruled out of the trade world and still flourish. There is no guaranty that India, China or America is going to follow the line sketched by the UK for the import from the country. It is not a piece of cake to get the leading trading countries to agree to your rules and regulations for a trade. New rules are to be accepted slowly and with some changes then implied to get the profit. Things are blurred and this is not how things happen on the international level.

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