A complete and brief detail for your assistance to send cargo to India

For the convenience of the client, airlines have provided facilities to carry the cargo according to their item category. It is very important to satisfy the customer to nourish positive PR and enhance the circle of customers. It gets important on part of the client to know how the whole process works so that the work of the freight forwarder gets easy and the client knows that what is happening at that time and why it takes time to complete the consignment.

The person involved in the business of freight forwarding has all the experience and team in managing the process especially of the customs that becomes a major hindrance and delays the whole process. Airfreight custom clearance is a comparatively easier process than that of ocean freight if handled properly.

The main reason for choosing Air Cargo to India as a means of transport is the speedy delivery. If it cannot be accomplished there is no difference between air or ocean freight and other means of transporting the goods. Proper planning on behalf of the airline is needed for safe and speedy completion of every formality involved in timely transportation of the cargo.

Proper Documentation                                                                                      

The first and foremost step in the air cargo process is the documentation needed to start the journey. Without it, the goods cannot leave the airport warehouse. After the arrival of the shipment at the warehouse, it is in the hands of a handling agent. The handling agent can be a separate company with whom the airport authorities have contracted or it can be an in-house function handled by the airline.

The handling agent has to keep a check on incoming goods and administer them. Then sort the goods according to their category and checks the documentation. In some countries, the copy of documents is enough while the majority demands original documents, for this keep electronic copy of the documents to send them any time needed.

The consignee should take in written all the documents required by the country and their demands to make sure that all the documentation is complete in all aspects. Improper handling of documents can lead to cargo check and cause delay of shipment.

Loading Process

After the security checks and screening the goods are then transferred to especially designed ULDs that fit in the structure of and aircraft. Different types of ULDs are designed to fit a specific aircraft that is going to be used for the cargo.

The cargo should be properly packed to avoid any kind of mishandling or harm to the goods. There should be no holes left while packing, nor should be the tapes around the package too tight that can tear it apart. Every aspect should be kept in mind while packing the cargo to save yours and crew’s time.

For the custom check, the exact height weight and length of the cargo should be notified also the type of the packing. If the cargo has more than one package then the number of packages should also be notified in the form. Not every Air Cargo is loaded in ULD to carry it through the flight. Some small cargos or airmail are also taken as loose packages.

Select a good cargo company to send Air cargo to India

After the loading of the ULDs or the loose packages, the documents are handled to the on board crew and the flight is ready to be taken off. Now it becomes the responsibility of the air staff to handle the cargo properly. There is a facility to control the temperature of every compartment of the aircraft which the crew has to operate carefully to assure the proper management of the goods.

Another very important task for forwarding cargo to India from UK is to choose the company that is trustworthy and can ensure proper transfer of the cargo. If you have to transport loose cargo then any airline with good repute can do.

But when talking about large consignments which involve business and the consignment has to reach the client in time and according to the order then there are many things the shipper has to consider before booking. Airline companies either have separate aircraft are specially designed to take cargo or they adjust the cargo in the passenger planes. It’s the client who has to decide what type suits the cargo.

Reaching the destination

Normally sometime before the handling agent at the origin will inform the destination handling agent of the airline about the details of the consignment and the flight details and time of arrival.

This enables the handling agent at the destination to prepare for receiving the cargo. After all the document and package unloading and check the handling agent will inform the receiving forwarding agent that the shipment has arrived and the documents can be picked up.

Cargo Aircraft

For the delivery of small consignments, the cargo compartment in the passenger planes can serve the best for pricing as well as a speedy delivery as the process of checking and passing customs will be less for one small package then a big consignment.

While for the cargo that contains more complex and big sized objects or chemicals the Cargo Aircraft is a much better option. This aircraft is designed for cargo and do not carry passengers as a passenger plane do. One or two large doors and body designed to have a large area to fit in the cargo of any size, with lots of wheels to land in any condition makes the air craft different from the rest of the types.

Although very useful the cargo aircraft’s represent a small proportion in the merchandise market where the majority of the cargo is transported in ULDs in normal passenger planes.


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