The loss occurred to cargo service due to COVID-19 and its rehabilitation now

Cargo service was thriving well all over the world in general and in the UK in particular. But the Brexit agreement through which the UK was quitted from the European Union, stirred this business. The UK government, since then is engaged in making new trade agreements with different countries including big India.

India is a leading country of south Asia with its border with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and China. With a population of 1.363 billion, India boasts of having unique landscape and natural wonders like Himalaya. A great number of Indians are settled in foreign countries especially in the UK to have a better source of earning and living standard.

Relations cannot be disconnected just by some physical barrier

It is sea cargo or air cargo, the Indians in the UK, Send Cargo to India or excess baggage regularly to their relatives and friends. There is no denying that relations cannot be discarded just by some physical barrier. That is the reason, even after years and decade’s period, a big plethora of Indian is keeping the love for his dear and near ones, still alive with the same strength. That is why the huge flow of cargo from the UK to India occurs every day.

Different companies are associated with cargo service. Each company allures its customers with a more convincing package. These cargo companies do their business now online. This online service is quite convenient for the people intending to send consignments to various parts of India.

The volume of import from the UK to India is increasing day by day. All are imported from the UK like clothing, electronics, documents, gadgets and cell phones. The excess baggage, gift parcels, door to door cargo are various packages of cargo companies being offered to the consumers.

Impacts of COVID-19 on cargo flow from the UK to India

This is a good omen that both countries of the UK and India have good bilateral trade relations and with time various ups and down have been witnessed. But the overall trend in these relations remained upward. Both countries are confronted with the havoc of sudden COVID-19 which has damaged the economies of both the countries severely. How was it possible that India remained aloof from the shocks of COVID?

Reduced fight operations contributed a lot to cargo workings. Several challenges are confronted in this context. Wide lockdown, labour shortages, challenges of sea and Air Cargo capacity, reduced manufacturing, demand and supply effects, and delays in orders and holding up of shipments caused a great loss to cargo service of the UK and India. There is no denying that consumption and investment are was affected.

Manufacturing pause has decreased logistics services’ demand. This has eventually put pressure on logistics, freight and warehousing prices. This is related to mention here that reduced export and import flow has augmented logistics space crises.

Likewise, restriction on flight operations across the globe has substantially reduced the goods flow. All this has caused a severe impact to India wherein intermodal and last-mile transportation goods flow is halted.

COVID pandemic shattered the cargo service bitterly

There were prompt cancellations and delays of cargo service partially or wholly earlier when the COVID-19 started. It is no wonder that aviation is the worst affected sector wherein the whole flight schedule was disturbed.

Even the UK and Indian governments suspended all its flight operations. During this extreme period only cargo service of emergency medicines, medical equipment remained in operation.

Rehabilitation of cargo service 

The whole system of flight operation and cargo services was revised by the UK and Indian governments, in the light of this pandemic. Strict measures were adopted at all the airports and ports where cargo services are carried out mainly. Now things are clear and stabilized almost.

Though COVID-19 is not completely controlled yet preventive measures are strictly adhered to, at all working places. While this sudden emergent situation has opened the new era of increased use of the internet, 3D printing, autonomous transportation and block chain. This surely is helping business communities and consumers as well, to survive and thrive during these hard days.


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