How cargo to India, is reshaping itself amidst new challenges? 

India is taking various initiatives for increasing its cargo service like renaming the Ministry of Shipping as Ministry of Ports Shipping and Waterways, the establishment of logistics parks, growth in container traffic, and increased cargo flights.

Likewise, efforts are being made for establishing new Inland Container Depots (ICDs), Air Freight Stations (AFSs), and Container Freight Stations (CFSs). The overall purpose of these initiatives is to establish a viable framework to tackle the upcoming cargo requirements. No doubt these are very encouraging and surely will boost the cargo services.

World cargo trade is coming out of COVID threats

No doubt, COVID-19 spread globally in every corner of the world like a forest fire. Nothing was safe from the hazards of this viral disease. This pandemic put his ugly hands on all the continents fiercely. It is a rich country or poor, no was safe. Medical facilities become limited as this virus began to increase.

The biggest threat was imposed on the cargo sector when all of a sudden all the commercial and domestic flights were stopped. No cargo flow was occurring. But now things are improved much. We are now in the second wave of COVID-19. All businesses including cargo are thriving well however with some preventive measures like wearing masks and social distances.

Stringent preventive measures are needed

Stringent measures are being taken to deter this pandemic. In the UK and India, cargo charters are reduced to half i.e. 50% capacity as compared to earlier peak time before the arrival of COVID-19.

The efforts to improve this sector are underway. But unless and until the COVID-19 vaccine is not succeeded, threats of this viral disease cannot be neglected.

Indians settled in the UK are a big source of cargo to India

A big plethora of Indians is settled in the UK for long even before the partition of India. Though decades are passed that these Indians are now the citizens of the UK yet they have never disconnected their intimate relationship with their homeland.

These Indians whenever visit their homeland, they bring with them or send through cargo service various precious gifts and parcels for their relatives and friends. Similarly, countless cargo companies are operating in the UK and India. These companies offer competitive rates and swifter and secured service for cargo to India.

What does cargo mean?

The word cargo and freight are goods or products that are conveyed commercially either through the air, water, or land. The cargo was initially a shipload but with the passage of time and new interventions, cargo now encompasses all the freights including rail, truck, van, or intermodal means.

Mainly there are two types of cargo deliveries i.e. Sea or Air Cargo accompanied by intermodal means in the form of van, truck, etc. The experts are of the firm belief that with the arrival of drone technology in the cargo sector, this sector will further boost itself exploring new destinations.

Drone technology is entering the cargo sector

The computer has changed our lives so much that every sphere of our life is run by now with the computer. You will perhaps not believe that unmanned aerial machines i.e. drone is being used for sending cargo deliveries.

For instance, Rwanda like African country is using drone technology for the transmission of urgently needed medical aids like blood and medicines. It is well perceived that minimal human interference is needed in such technology and hopefully coming days will surely see this miraculous change of cargo deliveries even between the UK and India.


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