It is never too late to get things on track for a better trade vision

Things are evolving and with the new plans and advancements in different sections are important to get the most out of the trade. Air cargo has become an important means of exchanging goods on a personal level or internationally for trade purposes.

This is a vast area and its advantages have been studied so as to use it in a better way to facilitate people for speedy cargo delivery. India is going up in trade rapidly and has become one of the leading countries in the field.

But when there is no systematic way of handling success it goes away as soon as it found you. This year India has presented its first Air Cargo Policy which will be in function to make this area functional as it should be according to the international standards.

The aim is to make air freight as successful as the ocean or rail or road freight. For the expanding of this sector, the most important things are the improvement of infrastructure which has to be improved so that the overall standard of services can be improved.

Improving safety

If a medium is not safe then why would people go for it to send their valuable items? So for making a positive impact over here, this area is said to be given special importance. The problem of theft and issues at the airports regarding the handling of cargo and storing it till the time of pick up may get special attention.

Other areas need to be improved are missing of objects after customs check and the clearance problems which account for the safe delivery of goods to the destination. Safety is not a concern in this medium only, for people to rely upon and trust a medium for transporting cargo internationally this particular point has to be given high importance.


Air cargo is not taken cheap. The first medium ever used to do trade across borders was through the ocean mostly. This took a lot of time then but less money. Still, the situation with the money is the same. Ocean freight is a cheap medium for doing the task. It still does take time but it has been reduced to mere days now.

For things which have lesser shelf life need a quick delivery and it is possible through airfield only. For the policy, it has been emphasized to make the rates for air freight affordable so that people get encouraged to use it.

Infrastructure improvement

The best way is to put people in the competition and get the most out of them. This is the way Indian policymakers have suggested. At the airports, there will be ratings given to a specific airline service which will make the airlines to improve their work for getting the best scores or whatever incentives thought of.

This is going to work for sure in this part of the world as people want to get ahead of each other to get more work and with it more capital. If these suggestions work then there will be more air cargo business and money inflow will be good as well.

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